Inès Dauxerre

Sculptress, photographer, illustrator and scenographer

At the age of 12, Inès Dauxerre plunged into the world of art via the theatre. Several painful experiences as well as her leading roles were to determine a life of original creation and constant searching, as she draws her inspiration from the living arts, in the same way as Cocteau and John Cage.
After studies at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Lyon and with a degree in interior architecture at 22, Inès was to use the mechanics of the body and of aestheticism to express herself.
First of all scenographer for the stage and for advertising, illustrator for the press and model maker for architects, she then honed her technical skills and an elegant style in sculpture and photography. Having learned the ropes on TV and cinema sets, she adapts them, mixing canvas, paper, superpositioning and tearing. Inès is an inventor. In 2004, her series “Les Déchirés” was to be declined in many different media: installations, giant canvases and even T-shirts and postcards; it was widely exhibited in museums in France (Pompidou Centre, Musée de l’Homme, Giverny) and abroad (Italy, Tunisia, Japan, Spain, USA).

In her Photo’Graffs, Inès brings together her favourite disciplines: photography and drawing. Using pencil and chalk, she mistreats portraits on glossy paper, the better to reactivate them. The portraits come to life in a more intimate dimension and reveal the essence of the sitter, which constitutes his or her strength and personality.

Alongside, her luminous sculptures allow her to communicate with paper in a freer, less composed way. She is influenced by Brassaï’s photographic work and Henri Alekan’s lighting for the cinema. Since 2010, light has become an indispensable element of her artistic approach. The fragility of paper and cellulose push her to explore another intimacy, that of the heart and the body. The two materials, fragile yet the very basis of the vegetal world, symbolise life while for its part, light illustrates the soul of the work.

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Caroline Heyraud

A graduate from the Ecole des Beaux- Arts in Paris in Architecture, she restored buildings and create interiors for more than 10 years.

In 1997, she moved to London and returns to clay modeling she explores since childhood. She developed her art and techniques at the Kensington and Chelsea College and later at the Heatherley School of Art and exhibited for the first time in 2003 at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum. Her work, inspired from the natural world - humans, mammals, insects... - crosses the fields of architectural knowledge and artistic creation. While revealing structural, strong and balanced look of the original life forms, she further captures the aesthetics essence of the subject in its accuracy and details.

Either in bronze or porcelain biscuit, her sculptures play on the polarity of gravity and lightness and pierce the intimate secrets of nature at its most perfect.

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