Commissioned — JILLIAN EDELSTEIN for 2016 Fishlove Campaign


Photographed by Jillian Edelstein, famous London theater actors pose naked for the last FISHLOVE campaign to highlight the plight of marine life and to support the campaign against over fishing in British seas. This series has been commissioned by the J.Sheeky Oyster Bar.

FISHLOVE was set up in 2009 by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of MOSHIMO,  the Brighton based Japanese restaurant, and actress Greta Scacchi to raise awareness of the unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying the earth's marine ecosystem. Since then, the Fishlove images have succeeded in bringing the subject of over-fishing to the front covers and pages of the world's media many times over.
Fishlove wants to end to over-fishing in Europe so that fish stocks can recover to above levels that can produce the maximum sustainable yield by 2020.


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Creative collaborations. Affinities. Jillian and Jane Horrocks


Pour saisir son dernier portrait, Jillian s’attarde sur quelqu’un de proche, d’intime.
La clé d’une belle image peut-être de capter la bonne personne au bon moment ou d’avoir en face de l’objectif un modèle parfait. Certains vont à l’autre bout de la terre pour s’assurer du meilleur résultat  mais parfois le sujet le plus pertinent est bien plus proche qu’on ne le pense. Bien que Jillian ait parcouru le monde pour donner corps à son travail, elle a souhaité pour ce film simplement photographier une amie ... Bien sûr, cela aide lorsque cette amie est la célèbre actrice Jane Horrocks.

Jillian looks to the people closest to home to help create her latest striking portrait. 
Finding the right people to pose for a portrait and making a connection with a sitter can be the key of getting a great picture. Some people will go to the ends of the earth in pursuit of the right shoot but suitable subject matter might be nearer than you think. Although Jillian has travelled the world to build her body of work, her latest shoot simply involves photographing a friends... of course it helps when your friend is celebrated actress Jane Horrocks.