Editorial — News stories by MARTIAL LENOIR for Normal Magazine Issue10


Language Cinématographique - NORMAL MAGAZINE Issue 10
16 pages focus on his work alongside Nick Knight, Gregory Crewdson, Remi Revillard, David Lynch, Greg Lotus, Frederic Monceau, Ramus Mogensen, Lou Sarda, Formento & Formento, Vincent Perez, Steven Lyon, Sophie Delaporte, Andreas Kock, Quentin Caffier & Nikos Aliagas. 
Stylism : Audrey Jehanno
Mua : Simon Chossier & Virginie Lacoste
Hair : Elodie Sauvage & Virginie Moisson
Studio : La Red Art Factory


Exhibition — The story, "Veau sous la mère", signed by FRANCK HAMEL, exhibited at SALON DE LA PHOTO 2017


Franck followed Olivier, Lucie, Philippe and Sylvie, accompanied by their cows and their young calves : the morning and the evening in the cowshed for the two daily milkings, the day in the fields, in this sublime Lot campaign. It was a fitness, calm and silent walking, like a religious walk on the way to St Jacques ...
His images touch us, move us, it is an hymn to real life.

From 9th to 13th of November
Paris Expo - Portes de Versailles