Sophie Brändström


Born in Stockholm, Sophie Brändström studied sociology in Paris and then in London, and turned to photography while a student at Fort Lauderdale Art Institute in Florida, where she obtained her AS in photography. She started her career as a photojournalist in the United States, working for several newspapers belonging to the country’s n°3 press group, The McClatchy Company, and notably for the Miami Herald. This first experience lasted 5 years, after which she settled in France where she worked for L’Express, Marie-Claire, L’Équipe magazine, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Le Nouvel Observateur and La Vie, and abroad, for The Sunday Times, La Repubblica and Géo in Germany. Alongside, she carried out assignments for national institutions, NGOs and foundations such as INMA (Institut National des Métiers d’art), the French Culture Ministry, the French Ministry of Education, Région Île-de-France, Médecins du Monde and Fondation Orange. She is often also frequently called on for corporate portraits or to follow leaders and personalities in the field, like the board of directors of EDF and, more recently, Manuel Valls.

Whether it be her personal work or press commissions, Sophie Brändström’s approach as a photographer is recognised for its sensitivity, its sharpness and its keen sense of respect for the other. Her way of working, drawing deeply on her experience in the U.S. and the U.K., leads her to operate over time and patiently establish close bonds with those she meets and follows. Angling her subjects so that they exude not only emotion but also meaning is her way of bearing witness through stories anchored in the everyday, intimate and resolutely modern.       
This humanistic vein has led her to address many topics with a societal dimension: poor housing, autism, ecological villages, … For a few years now, she has enriched her work with sociological reflection. She explores the relations between Man and work, the family, the media, social networks and the environment, which involves her in long-term projects. Since 2006, she has been an observer of the place of associative and popular radio stations in communities deprived of national democratic news services. Her travels have taken her to Kirghizstan, the Central African Republic, Colombia, Haiti and also Brazil.

2013 was a special year for her with the publication of "Manufactura Since 1662", her first monograph, with a preface by Gérard Garouste. In this photographic account centred on French manufactories, she evokes the personal histories of the men and women working there, enabling the general public to discover professions and ways of working often unknown. The book’s success and several international exhibitions dedicated to it are an eloquent tribute to her work; Manufactura was also recognized by the profession when nominated as a finalist in Photography category of the International Books Awards in USA.

Sophie Brändström is a laureate of the Atlanta and North Carolina seminars in photojournalism and the Eddie Adams Workshop; her work is regularly exhibited in institutions and at festivals such as the Mois de la Photo (Paris), Visa pour l’Image (Perpignan), Les Rencontres Internationales de la photographie (Arles), La Villette, ... For 2 years now, alongside her work as a photojournalist, she has been turning to scripting and producing videos. She has already produced several programmes which bear ample witness to her documentary and artistic talent. In 2014, she won the "Reporters d’Espoirs" prize for her web-documentary, "Ma Vie à Deux Balles".

Cécile & Guillaume

Trained at Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image, Cécile & Guillaume have been photographers in Paris for over 10 years and have their own studio, located in the 13th arrondissement.

Still life is their favorite subject, within the luxury and food sectors. Uncompromising perfectionists, their duo agrees on an approach of the light and the photographic composition carefully thought-out down to the very last detail.

In addition to their commissioned work carried out on behalf of Ballantine's, Daunature, Lillet, Le Gaulois, Havana Club, Suze, or even print media or publishing, they are working on personal photographic series.

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Jillian Edelstein


London based photographer, Jillian Edelstein began working as a press photographer in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1985 she attended the London College of Printing after graduating from The University of Cape Town with a B.Soc.Sc (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and Social Work). Her portraits have appeared in many publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The FT Weekend Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Interview, L'Uomo Vogue, Port, The Guardian Weekend, The Sunday Times Magazine, Time Magazine, Fortune, Elle, W Magazine, GQ and Esquire.

In the run up to the Olympics 2012 Edelstein was commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery and BT to produce a series of 17 portraits of those working to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games happen. The Road to 2012: Aiming High was opened by the Duchess of Cambridge at the start of the Games. 

Clients include Oxfam, FXB International, Unicef, Save the Children Fund, Tesco, Nespresso, Marshall Bergman, Sony, National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aviva, Macmillian, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Times, BBC, Comic Relief and Fish Love. 

Her photographs have been exhibited internationally at venues including the National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers' Gallery, Tom Blau Gallery, The Royal Academy, OXO Gallery in London, Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles, France, Bensusan Museum, Johannesburg, Robben Island Museum in Cape Town, South Africa and Dali International Photography Festival, Yunnan Province, China.She has received several awards including the Kodak UK Young Photographer of the Year, Photographers' Gallery Portrait Photographer of the Year Award 1990, the Visa d’Or at the International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan in 1997, the European Final Art Polaroid Award in 1999, the John Kobal Book Award 2003 and was included in The Taylor Wessing Portrait Award in 2014, the AI-AP Archive in 2008 and 2015.
A winner in Latin American Fotografia 4 2015, she has been included in World Press Awards twice and is a finalist in the 2017 LensCulture Portrait Awards. Jillian Edelstein judged the World Press Awards 2014, and the Taylor Wessing Awards in 2010. 

Between 1996 and 2002 she returned to South Africa frequently to document the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Her award winning book Truth and Lies, shot in large format, was published by Granta, the New Press and, Mail and Guardian in 2002. She is currently working on several photographic projects including a film documentary about the screenwriter Norman Wexler.

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Franck Hamel


Franck Hamel is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Rennes (France). 

He always had a concealed passion for photography but shooting a film and developing his first photographs in the laboratory made his passion grow. He went on to study Arts at Rennes University and kept on learning the art of photography on his own.

Driven by his passion, he moved to Romania where he began his career as a photojournalist at the Romanian press agency, Mediafax, and “Regard”, a French magazine. The new challenges he faced were: to meet deadlines, adapt his work to the light, find the right angle and have a new life in post-communist Bucharest. After his experience in Romania, he moved to Vietnam.

Living in Asia was a very emotional experience with unparalleled lights, a new culture, a colorful cuisine, delicious and full of amazing flavors. Here he took his first culinary photograph, it was a picture of kumquats for East&West, lifestyle magazine. In 2009, he moved to Rabat, Morocco and worked as a photographer for Vue sur Mer, sea and boating magazine. He explored a different photographic world with new requirements and lights. 

With the wealth of all this experience, in 2010, he made the decision to return to France. In Rennes, he specialized in culinary photography. From his previous experience as a photojournalist, he gained the knowledge of how to use and adapt his work to natural light. For this reason, he simply decided to use daylight for food photography without any camera tricks: the product is the only master and the photographer should adapt to the light and the product.

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Gerard Harten


Gerard Harten started his career with both fashion and portrait works for magazines like Premiere and Madame Figaro, photographing Paloma Picasso, Loris Azzaro, James Wood, Robert Doisneau and Peter Lindbergh. 

For the past 10 years, he has focuses on kid’s photography including magazines like Vogue Bambini, Collezioni, Smallish, Gala, Baby & Me, and clients include Celine, Kenzo, Tartine & Chocolat, Jacadi, Mayoral, Chicco, Dodie, Renault or McDonald’s. Meanwhile, his interests for image led naturally on filmmaking.

Gerard Harten lives and works between Paris, London and Capetown. He is a supporter of the association, Enfance et Partage, for the protection and defence of children. 

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Juliette Jourdain


Young professional photographer based in Paris, graduated from EFET photography school in 2014, Juliette Jourdain has already a very powerful artistic and  personal vision of portrait photography. 

This great aptitude for the staging has been honored in 2015 with the 2nd PICTO Prize for Young Fashion Photography and with the 2nd prize Fisheye X Guerlain for the "La Petite Robe Noire" competitions. Juliette Jourdain executes her photographs as a painter creates a canvas. She invents a fanciful and fantastic universe, following the rhythm of her inspirations from Lady Gaga to Tim Burton. Meticulously set in studio, decors and costumes play an important role. 
She developed her love for visual arts well in advance of her photographic vocation. Paint, draw, cut, fold and model were the heart of her teenage hobbies. 

She is currently involved in various projects from creating new imaginary characters to developing fashion photography. Her work selected for Les Nuits Photographiques of Pierrevert in July 2016, was published in January 2016 in the respected PHOTO magazine and exhibited at Les Rencontres d'Arles 2014 Festival and in France (Paris and Lyon) in 2015.

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Initiated by David Ariyel, artistic director and photographer, LesKennedys combine talents - 3D designers, graphic designers, video makers - according to the project concerned, to tell stories with images and to shape an exclusive brand universe.

David Ariyel has over 15 years of experience working for the best advertising agencies. During his long career as Art Director, fascinated by still photography, he has developed his own and strong photographic style, reflecting in the same time, his creativity and his technical expertise.

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Martial Lenoir

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Fashion and portrait photographer Martial Lenoir was born in 1971 in the Basque Country.
He lives and works in Paris in his studio in the heart of the brownfield sites of Pantin.

Predestined for drawing and painting, he discovered photography late, at the age of 30, when he acquired his first camera, a Mamiya RB67; he still has it. After graduating from the EFET School, he became assistant to the great fashion and still-life photographers at Studio Daguerre. Soon after, he took  his first tests for agencies like Metropolitan and Elite.
A prize winner in 2009 at the European Festival of nude photography in Arles with his series ‘La loge des rats’, he won the Grand Prix du jury at the Ilford Competition for black and white silver halide photography in 2011. That same year, he exhibited his series ‘Les Garçonnes’ at the European Festival of nude photography in the Chapelle Saint-Anne, Arles. In 2012, he began his series ‘Les reflets du désordre’ which he concluded in 2014 with an exhibition at the Schwab Beaubourg Gallery and the publication of his 4th book. Published in 2017, Le Dernier Combat is a gallery of portraits of heroic combatants, male and female, back in the changing room. This is a refined, monochromatic series, with a documentary maker’s approach to the aesthetics of the body and setting.

Equally at ease in natural light and in a studio, Martial Lenoir attaches importance to staging above all. Contemporary in atmosphere, his photos look like veritable tableaux vivants. They exude a sensuality which underlines beauty in all its plurality.

The photos he has exhibited in galleries regularly appear at auction at Salle Drouot.

Publications : 
2017 / Le Dernier Combat
2015 / Les reflets du désordre - Editions Lenoir&Inthesky et La Musardine
2012 / La loge des rats - Editions Gribouille
2010 / Les Garçonnes - Editions Ragage
2009 / Le cabaret des Effeuilleuses - Editions Ragage

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Nicolas Mingalon

A still-life photographer, Nicolas Mingalon trained at Penninghen and then at Studio Rouchon. A disciple of minimalism, he produces photographs elegant in their sobriety. He excels in mastering light to enhance jewellery and luxury watches. Something of an all-rounder, he explores and transforms materials to showcase his subjects in graphic compositions which reveal an eye perpetually questing after aestheticism.

He is a regular contributor to different magazines: AD, Bloom, FHM, Honore magazine, L’Obs, Madame Figaro, Nogo mag, OOB, Ritz magazine, Vogue Italie ,Vogue Néerlandais, Zebulel.

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Laurent Moynat


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Alcide Rioche


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